Saturday, March 13, 2010


Couple of things...

First-Damn that was a good burger I just ate. Not much tastes good these days, but that hit the spot.

Second-I have been dealing with a stomach bug and an eyeball problem this week. Stomach bug has been going around, kids had it, I got it, no big deal. But when my eyeball needed to be pulled out of my head, I couldn't drive, I couldn't see. So I had to carefully consider who my friends were. Who would be willing to take me to the doctor when I might possibly shit in their car?? I was on the toilet every 10 minutes for hours and I needed to go the doctor about my eye. Who can you call in that situation?

Turns out I do have good friends and I didn't shit in their car, but it means a lot that they were willing to chance it.

I did have a corneal abrasion and some other kind of trauma to my eye. So I added another lovely feature to being bald and boobless, swollen and blind. The doc put yellow dye in my eye and it ran out of my nose, damn I am sexy now!

Here is my deep thoughts about cancer today. You cannot be indifferent after cancer. There were people in my life before that were kinda on the fence. You do learn who your friends are. Those who are good, get better. Those who sucked, get worse. It is an interesting magnifying glass that I can see with now (out of my one eye that is not swollen and leaking yellow crap).

Unrelated, I had to get my yearly auto exam thing to get my license plate renewed. The car passed and the guy said "See you next year!". I thought, the chances of me and my car being around next year are not that great (the car is a 1992 model). I just thought it sad that I don't make those assumptions anymore, and I wiped yellow snot from my weepy nose.

I also realized that cancer took my boob but growing big brass balls must be a side effect of chemo, I think that is an OK trade.

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