Saturday, March 20, 2010


Feeling very blessed to have slept for 6 hours straight last night. Feeling blessed that eyeball is healing well and eye doctor said I must be a good healer, a skill that I hope will serve me well. Feeling blessed for my wonderful children and how well they are adapting to this experience.

I had a few hairy moments this weeks (hairy is funny when you are bald). A bad chemo day, feeling all toxic and yucky. A bad mental day, mourning this assholes that are gone from my life (glad they are gone but sad that they are assholes).

I am experiencing truncal lymphedema, puffiness at a side boob location where there is no boob. I am grateful to have been referred to an actual lymphedema specialist and will see her in a week.

Nothing much is going on, I just feel like I am living on the outskirts of actual life. I go through the motions like normal people but I am not actually "plugged in". It is a very strange feeling.

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