Thursday, December 3, 2009


Went shopping BALD! I asked the kids if they were OK with it, I would wear a hat if they wanted me to. But they were OK with it so off we went. There were a few stares and one poor employee saw us and crashed a pallet of DVD into something which caused a small avalanche of DVDs in the aisle.

I think about the boob and bald thing, and accomodating people's discomfort by covering up my reality. My theory at this point is, if my kids can deal with this reality, than so can you. I do wear a foob out of the house, I guess in my mind, boobless must be worse than bald. I find that interesting, both are obvious cancer flags. So why I wear a foob but not a hat, who knows, maybe I will conduct a poll on the cancer support board, Bald or Boobless.

My 10yo DD thinks my bald head is fun, she rubs it, lint rolls it, lotions it. She is an odd child. One nice thing, I have never been ticklish, armpits, feet...nothing. This has always dissapointed the kids, I can tickle them but they have never been able to tickle me. Well, I have a ticklish spot on my scalp, 10yo thinks that is a hoot. 12yo is not as affectionate with my bald head, she has no problem looking at it, but thinks all the rubbing stuff is a little creepy.

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