Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Wake up, check the scalp, still have hair, lint roll the pillow and contemplate shaving my head. I think I am waiting for clumps to fall out, when I have a visible bald spot, then I will shave. That is my thought for this morning.

Someone posted on the breast cancer support board "Cancer has taken everything that made me a woman". Hmmm, what makes one a woman, surely it is not hair or boobs. It can't be ovaries or a uterus, I might lose those if my genetic test comes back positive. I guess it is the XX chromosome. But then I think about Chaz Bono (Cher's child) who has been in the news recently while undergoing gender reassignment. Chaz is XX (I assume) but does not consider himself to be a woman.

So again, we are back to that creating your own reality thing. Facts, truth and reality...even with the facts of XX chromosome, some people do not consider themselves female. Their truth is that they are male, despite the fact of being gentically female.

I guess it is just interesting to me how people view their femininity. Do I feel less of a woman since I have a uniboob and am about to be bald. Will I feel less of a woman if they remove my reproductive organs?

I guess I would have to examine my views on being a man. If I am not a woman, that would make me a man right? And since I am not on the couch, playing Xbox, farting and scratching and swilling beer, I am not a man. I jest...a little.

So my sense of femininity is intact.

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