Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Crappy day yesterday. Went to Walmart for post chemo week restock. Became very weak and dizzy while there. My children were there with me, went over the drill if I pass out, who to call, stay with my purse so no one steals it if I fall out in the aisle. I called a local friend, who thankfully, was out and about with her husband. They came to the store and drove me home.

The kids put up all the groceries while I rested and cooked themselves dinner as I slept. They didn't pop something in the microwave, the cooked on the stove top and toaster oven, popcorn shrimp and macaroni. My 10 yo did later say that according to the food channel, fish and cheese do not bode well together, but kids like it.

This sucks, even though my kids are 10 and 12, they should not have to be taking care of themselves or be scared that Mom can't drive them home. I did rouse enough to clean up the kitchen with them and thank them for being so responsible.

My 10 yo is afraid I will die in my sleep. We have had a very honest conversation about me not dropping dead anytime soon and if that were to become a possibility, we would know it is getting close. It is not close.

Please let my upcoming PET scan show progress, for me, not the cancer. One more chemo until I can get scanned and see whose winning.

This bites.

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