Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Before my diagnoses, I started watching my weight and lost 15% of my body. This was a good thing. Then a surgeon hacks of 1% of my body and this is a bad thing. That is interesting to me. I wonder whether it is because it was a boob I lost or whether it was because it was due to cancer. If I had lost a boob due to a car wreck, would it be the same? If I lost a lung (not sure how much a lung weighs)to cancer, would it be the same?

On a different note, I watched "Up" with the kids last night. Very interesting.... At the end of the movie, I was bummed since the wife was dead and the kid's Dad was an asshole. But my 10 year pointed out that "at least they have each other" (the old guy and the kid). I was pleased that she could find the silver lining but I had to contemplate my definition of "happy ending".

When to let go of your dreams, when dreams become an unhealthy obsession (as with the explorer guy), moving on and creating a new life with the blessings you have instead of being bitter about what you have lost.

I wonder if the boob and the old guy's house have anything in common?

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