Sunday, January 10, 2010


Yesterday was pretty good, went to work, able to feel normal. Went shopping and bought my first push-up bra! (It is for a project I am doing, more on that later). I chuckled about thinking if there were security cameras in the dressing room, they must have gotten quite a shock seeing the woman with one boob trying on push-up bras.

I then went to the make-up counter looking for something to help with my eyebrow situation, the lady working there ignored me. Does that mean I am so stunning that she can't help me or that there is not enough paint in the world to help my situation??

Weekends are weird. My kids are at their Dad's and I let myself think more about cancer. During the week, I try to stay in optomistic Mom mode, on the weekends I have the freedom to contemplate. I need a new mode, cancer mode sucks.

My hands are cold all the time, that must be chemo related. My temperature never hits 98.6, I am always in the 97s, sometimes the 96s. This morning, one hand was freezing, the other was warm. This caused me great concern for a minute, until I realized the warm hand was the one I was drinking coffee with. Whew, another tumor magically avoided!

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