Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday was a good day, but my definition of good day has changed since my diagnoses. A good day is just a day where nothing bad happens.

The kids had a reaction to my news of not having a brain tumor. I guess I screwed up. I had not told them about the PET scan no they didn't know I was worried. Once I gave them the 'all clear', they got very bummed thinking of all the possibilities. I don't tell them things until I know the facts. I try not to worry them, so they still get the wind knocked out of them a little when they hear things about how bad this could have been.

Other than the lopsided chest and the short haircut, they don't see a drastic difference. I still don't "seem sick". Having my Mom and Sister around is weird for them, they miss their normalcy.

Still dealing with insurance issues. One of the meds I will need is like $3000 a shot! What is this stuff made of that could cost that much! Cancer is sure a money maker for the drug companies. Makes me wonder about conspiracy theories and such, but I won't waste my limited brain cells worried about that.

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