Monday, November 9, 2009


Dealt with some depression this weekend, not having anything to do or anywhere to be is NOT good for me. But I did manage to pull out of it with a little pep talk from a friend.

Today, I went to a "Look Good, Feel Better" class, or a "how to not look like the walking dead while on chemo" class. Got some good tips and a bunch of free make-up. A little freaked out about eyebrows falling out. I can't imagine how you draw eyebrows on without them looking fake, or sliding down your face if your make-up runs. I am thinking I may just get bigger glasses, cover up the lack of eyebrows.

Also got a wig today from the ACS. The color is good, hopefully I can tweak the style. So I have the wig, some caps, still scarf shopping, I am just too cheap to pay $20 for a square of fabric.

Tomorrow I see the surgeon for follow up so he can check the port. Mastectomy scar still has one small spot that hasn't closed up. Then onto oncology to set up chemo schedule. I will get results of PET scan also, I could talk about the possibility of getting news that the cancer has spread...

But I won't.

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