Saturday, November 21, 2009


The "poopy fairy" woke me up this morning, what a welcome surprise! Gonna have to find something stronger than Colace to keep me moving.

Yesterday was good, didn't even have to take any meds for side effects, just for the chest cold. Food is starting to taste bad, not bad, just not there. I take a bite of something and it has no flavor at all, very odd experience.

I had ordered some scarves and a weighted foam "foob" and I received them in the mail yesterday. I like the scarves, I can do this. The "foob" was way too big and I did a lumpectomy at my desk, removing foam and stuffing trying to get it to a workable size. Today, I need to sew the case back together, not a case, but the lining stuff. It is weighted, so that should help my back and neck pain. It has a little pouch of beanie baby butt type stuff in it so give it some heft. My daughter took my "lumpectomy" stuffing and walked around with her bra stuffed, she's 12, boobs are great.

My "netherland" is tingling and not in a good way, hair is falling out. Too bad it is not bathing suit season. (I started to type in bikini season, but that delusion was too much for even me to handle!).

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