Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is the nurse injecting what they call "red devil" into the port in my chest. Good Times!

Yesterday was first chemo. The process wasn't bad at all. My port worked well, the stick didn't hurt, they hooked me up, gave me several bags of meds including the red devil which has to pushed in manually.

Of course, my insurance won't pay for the "cadillac" anti-nausea meds, so they sent me home with a scrip that is, crossing fingers, working. The nurse assured me that they did chemo for years using the protocol that me insurance will pay for and that I will be fine.

So I came home, a little hyper due to the steroids plus it being over. Feel asleep too early and ending up waking up every two hours. The chemo did seem to clear up my sinus congestion but the nausea meds cause nasal congestion! Oh well...

Made my first toxic poo today, thank goodness for prunes and colace which I took yesterday. I don't like constipation, it makes me grumpy. So I will continue to munch on prunes which I have never eaten before, but if all systems are go, prunes are my friend.

My daughter asked me if I decided which movies to take with me to chemo, I thought she asked which boobie to take to chemo! I had a hardy laugh about that and I could use all the laughs I can get. I ended up taking no movie and no boobie.

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