Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Not doing too shabby, just still dealing with alot of chest congestion which is not chemo related and a mouth sore which is chemo related. Just feeling old and tired, I feel like the old ladies my kids keep telling me I am!

Today, 10yo DD and I will do some Thanksgiving cooking, it is her first year to cook, she has really developed an interest in food prep. And yesterday, she asked me to teach her to sew, so we are having some good Mom and Me time. My 12yo DD is a little more into her "tweendom", I miss her, she stays to herself most of the time. I don't think her solitude is cancer related, I think it is just the age.

Checked in with the oncology nurses yesterday, white blood cell count low for a normal person but OK for a chemo patient, I will call if I run a fever or if I need a scrip for the mouth sore.

Yay, my 10yo niece just arrived to hand out with us today, that will make for a fun day for the kiddos.

Going to go enjoy my day!

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