Friday, February 12, 2010


Valentine's Day is the second anniversary of my dog's death. Her name was Lexy, she died of cancer. She had surgery, but it came back, cancer sucks. My kids and I are contemplating another dog adoption. This is a big deal, dogs are a large investment. If I do this, this is a sign of optimism, that I will be around to care for another being.

I am signed up on a Find-a-Pet site, have been for a long time. I have been putting it off, waiting for the end of treatment. But, maybe it is time, to start planning stuff again (other than my demise).

PET scan came back with tumor shrinkage, not tumor gone, but tumor smaller, this is good. I start a new cocktail of weekly chemo on Tuesday. Perhaps I will not prepay for my cremation, I will chance the price increase. Live on the wild side!

I ordered a little headstone thing for Lexy today, it just has a picture, her name and "Damn Good Dog", because that is what she was. We miss you, Lexy.

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