Saturday, February 6, 2010


I was laying down the other day (which I never used to do, thanks chemo). As I lay trying to nap, I realized I was laying like a person in a casket (which I never used to do, thanks mastectomy and the six pillows I now use).

Anyway, I was seeing myself in my casket and got freaked out. I have so few eyelashes, should I have them put on false eyelashes on my corpse! This train of thought screwed up my napping process so I got up and starting googling cremation info. I always intended to be cremated and figured this was as good a time as any to compile some info. So now, I have a nice price list of the local crematorium packages, I'll put it away for my family.

Hopefully, they won't need it for a long time.

Next I had to think about the "fixing up the dead body so people can say good-bye" thing. I have decided that is not necessary (I took a quick phone poll of people whose opinion I respect). I do think my Mom and my daughters should be able to view the body, just the people that I actually shared a body with at one time.

So, that is my plan, Mom and kids say good-bye, I get "disposed" of and everyone else have a nice pot-luck dinner.

The cheapest crematorium's prices go up at the end of February, if my scan comes back bad, I may go ahead a pre-pay. It will save me $260 of my children's meager inheritance. (If you knew how broke I was, you would smile at that).

This may all sound morbid, but I feel if I can take care of the business of dying, I can focus on the business of living.

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