Monday, February 22, 2010


Interesting weekend with the new chemo side effects. I had some pretty significant joint pain, knees and hips. My leg muscles were knotted up, driving was really uncomfortable. This made my job interesting. I work in Physical Therapy in a nursing home, helping the elderly work through their disabilities to get back home. I was limping worse than many of my patients.

This should be an interesting three months, especially if it gets worse every time. Pain makes people grumpy, three months of grumpy could ruin my sunny disposition. (That is a joke).

My right arm and chest is also another interesting facet in this cancer thing. Every morning, it is a little different, swelling here or there. My chest feels like a cooked pork chop, but every day, it is a different pork chop. But it is not a dried out pork chop, not now, I guess radiation will add to the well doneness of my strange modified region.

I also am wrapping brain around how ineffective my brain actually is. I have lost confidence in my sensory input. Hot flashes make me realize that I should not be in charge of the thermostat, my input is flawed. My taste buds have rendered me useless in the cooking chore, my input is flawed. I am always looking for a mystery odor that apparently, does not exist.

But good news, my nails look great. I have a skin condition which causes the white part of the nails to grow too far down and lopsided. Chemo has cleared that up for the most part. My toenails even look nice. But the bad news is that this chemo can make your nails fall off, so I should enjoy them for the time being.

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