Saturday, February 20, 2010


My kids are at their Dad's most weekends. So, on weekends, I think about reconstruction. I look at pics of reconstruction, I see a lot of boobs, foobs and noobs on weekends. I still have made no decision about reconstruction. I have one saggy boob and one surgical site. I am oddly OK. Cancer has increased my self confidence. I am not attractive, never have been "pretty". I am an average looking middle aged woman (wow, middle aged!).

Maybe I feel like I am in a different "pagent" category now. I don't have to look good in the 40-something soccer mom category. I am now in a bald, boobless, scarred category.

I haven't come close to making a decision about whether I need two boobs. I am curious how this will turn out, me and my brain. I figure I will have to wait and see what a plastic surgeon says, but I haven't even bothered to find a plastic surgeon.

Even the woman on the breast cancer support board seem to feel that a unilateral requires reconstruction. Many people stay boobless on both sides, few stay lopsided.

This is me... lopsided.

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