Sunday, February 28, 2010


Brain bummer for the day... I realized I can't be an organ donor. This is a slightly big deal to me. I have been on the Bone Marrow Registry for a decade. I am a firm believer in recycling your old stuff. I shop at thrift stores and I donate stuff to Goodwill or I Freecycle it.

So, to realize that even on someone's death bed, they would not want my organs...well, it hurts my feelings. It is like knowing that the Goodwill store won't take your clothes, the clothes you are currently wearing. My clothes might not be the most up to date styles, but they are functional and cover my nudity quite well.

So to think my organs are completely useless is a real drag. Apparently, I have to be dancing with NED (no evidence of disease) for 5 years before they would consider letting me donate.

So, I read about whole body donation, letting my cadaver be used for medical students. I asked the kids about it, one of them got weirded out. She says I am only supposed to teach them, but she did come around and realized that I would think it is cool to be able to teach people even after I am dead.

I am walking around in a completely useless body, how can I NOT take that personally? No one wants my leftovers!

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