Tuesday, February 16, 2010


New chemo in a couple of hours, that is a little nerve racking, a new Pandora's box of side effects. I will soon find out who I will be for the next twelve weeks. Eh, that makes it sound like my cance defines me, it doesn't. But, if I am going to have joint pain and nausea and shit (or lack of shit), that will make me grumpy and that is who I will be.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a little breakfast and the meat-n-three place in my neighborhood. They know me and my cancer cravings. We were talking about the snowy roads and I said that I probably won't have a car wreck since I already have this cancer thing going on. They proceeded to tell me about a guy they knew that beat cancer, then lost a leg, had open heart surgery...then, plane crashes into his house and he and his wife die instantly. True story, I remember that plane crash. I guess you don't always get credit for time served in the list of crappy things that can happen to you.

Roads are snowy, I'll be cautious.

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