Monday, October 19, 2009


Yesterday was a pretty good day, or if it was bad, it wasn't bad enough to have left a lasting impression on me. Mom went home so I was by myself for a bit before the kids came home. Watched "Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy". Not a bad little flick, but the post-surgical dressing change scene was frustrating. No drains, no bruising, no softball like stitches, just a prettied up Hollywood scar. I get that maybe you can't show that on Lifetime, at least do mirror scene where you know she is seeing something not pretty but you don't have to show the not prettiness.

Yesterday was my 20 year sober-versery. I've made my point, I may start hitting the hard stuff soon-joking, joking.

In 2005, my hubby left and the divorce crap started. It was a very bad time and it seemed to drag on forever. Now that that period of my life is over, I really can say that I like who I am now better. It was one of those "character building" experiences that I did come out richer for. Perhaps cancer will be the same.

I guess there are only three ways out of this cancer mess:

I will try for better.

Post-op appointment tomorrow, checking the drains. I am afraid that lizard boob is returning but I am chalking that up to paranoia.

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