Monday, October 5, 2009


Day 3 post op report:

Yesterday was pretty good, but I stayed up too much during the day and started to crash about 5PM and my Mom grounded me, made me stay on the couch and took my cell phone. (good mom).

Got a shower yesterday, unbandaged, tried to wear stuff that conceals the drains but that just isn't happening. My drains did have belt loops, so that is the best way right now. The laynard worked well for the shower. The fanny pack was just too big and bulky.

My arm burns when I first get out of bed. And it burns when I do too much. Reaching across my body was hard, like putting make-up on the opposite eye and wiping after toileting is not comfortable but it is do-able.

I have ugly tiger striped looking bruises from the tape high on my chest, I would have to stay totally buttoned up to hide those.

My goal for today is to keep moving, but take more frequent breaks so I don't get as bad as I got last night,

Doctor's appt tomorrow.

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