Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10-6-09 Morning

Today I have my post-op appt with surgeon. I took another piece of tape of yesterday, so I have had a pretty good look at the incision. I can't even try to describe the breast area other than to say -DAMN, that looks like it hurts (which it does). The armpit looks pretty mangled also.

I cut my pain pills in half yesterday. I think I need to feel more discomfort so I know when to stop. So even though I am allowed to take 12 a day, I only took 1.5 yesterday. That makes me proud in my warped Rambo-ette kind of way. I even took a nap yesterday, but had a terrible nightmare and woke up crying and panicked.

My daughter says I still confuse her as I don't seem "real sick, just like someone with the flu". They know not to try and hug me on the side that the drains are on, just because I don't want to freak them out. My 10yo DD did feel the drain bottles through my shirt since she was curious and she agreed that she didn't want to feel them during a hug.

My Mom has been staying with us, taking care of us. I think she is going home today, her husband needs her, he can't figure out the remote control!

My oldest daughter (12yo) is much more quiet and reserved, she is harder to tell how she is doing. She did say "Good morning my lop-sided mommy", so I replied, "Good morning my symmetrical daughter". We chuckled and that felt good.

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