Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10-21-09 evening

Incision site is still weeping, but I guess that is better than having fluid collect under my skin.

Drove my car for the first time in 20 days! Took the kids to Walmart, picked up a few different type of bras, 2 sports bras, one no underwire bra and one camisole. I tried the cushie foob this morning with some of my pre-surgery tops, nothing works, I got frustrated and the kids saw me cry. So I just gave up, put back on the sleeping bra and the shirt that is 3 sizes too big. I guess I am glad it is fall and layering is in.

Did some good stretching, made some progress on shoulder flexion, was able to touch the pull-up bar. I was working on being able to do pull ups prior to diagnoses, so I now I have the new goal of being able to touch the bar.

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