Friday, October 23, 2009


Ended up going back to the doctor today, decided I didn't want to spend the weekend worrying about the weeping. He packed it with an antibiotic wick and gave me a prescription. So we are assuming there is an infection unless the culture says otherwise. I am glad I went in, I just really want to move past the surgery and onto the next phase.

Went by my work and visited. Surgeon says I can try to work next weekend if I feel up to it. He suggests I "use my common sense" which is not always a good idea for someone as hard headed as myself.

It was very touching seeing everyone at work. Someone commented how nice it is to see how many people really care about you.

It sucks to be in a situation where people feel compelled to tell you how much they care about you.

But I realized tonight, cancer has given me permission to believe in good and to have hope. I guess I had gotten a tad cynical, or more than a tad. And I truly believe in good, G-d and a have given myself permission to have hope.

This is just a middle chapter, a turning point, this is not the main plot point of my story.

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