Thursday, October 8, 2009

10-8-09 Evening

After being essentially discharged by my surgeon and awaiting oncology consult to start chemo, I decided it was time to talk to my children about phase 2.

Last week, during a "pissed about cancer" day, I went to the batting cage, hit 44 out of 45 balls (I was impressed with myself).

So tonight, I use that as my example. That the surgery got the 44 "cancer balls" but we have to get that 1 ball that slipped by the surgery. So I will do the chemo to make sure no pesky cancer cells are lurking around.

Now, you have to know my 10yo DD, she is the coolest kid ever. In her cutest smarta$$ self, she said "So Mom still has cancer because she stinks at baseball".

My kids are great. Since I am drainless, I wore my usual pajama's without the large shirt covering the drain hump. It was the first time they had "really" seen the flat side of my chest. It was a moment...don't know how to describe it, but it was real.

I tried the cushie "foob" today, but it just looked silly with the shelf bra camisole thing I was wearing over the sleep bra I still wear.

I was wearing underwire bras before surgery, but since I am scared of lymphadema, I will pull out my granny looking soft sided bras. Maybe without the drains, it will be comfortable enough.

Oh, and I got my first hug on the no boob side today. There was a millisecond where I had to decide whether to twist pre-hug, but I let it go and no one recoiled in horror.

So another check mark on my post-mastectomy "to do" list.

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