Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Anxiety raising about tomorrow's appointment. I feel like I am just pacing around the house waiting, waiting for the plan, waiting for the next batch of crap to start, waiting...

Today, I tried a different camisole, with foam cups. It fits the real boob OK. I put the cushie foob in the other side and all is good for a little while. But during the day, cushie foob migrates up while actual boob migrates down. I need to weight it down.

The nursing home I work for had a fund raiser for me, gave me an envelope of money they had collected. In this envelope of bills was a baggie or quarters. Some little old lady gave me her baggie of quarters.

I put it in my cushie foob to weight it down. I think it is kinda cool cause that little baggie of quarters really means something to me. Now it is always with me. And I will always have money for a phone call!

I put on a fitted shirt over my new weighted down foob and my 10 yo DD was checking to see if I was lopsided. So I said "If I am at the store, no one will say 'OMG that woman has crazy boobs' ?" She replied "No mom, people will say 'That woman has no sense of style'". She hates the shirt! I got a second opinion from 12yo DD who said, "Looks like you've got your torpedo boobs back!".

10:30 Tomorrow, I meet the guy who is in charge of the battle plan.

I wonder if the oncologists at this place are competitive? Do they sit around the break room comparing remission rates? I hope my guy is competitive and that he wants me alive to keep his stats good.

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